Thirsty Weather in Amsterdam!

Hot town, summer in the city! As the temperatures reach  30 degrees centigrade these days it’s very important to stay hydrated.  And oh boy, do the Dutch know how.

As we all know, Heineken started here in 1864 and still is one of the world’s leading beer brands….. but when in Amsterdam nowadays, why not try one of our new microbreweries and quench your thirst! Over the last few years quite a few new ones started and so now we have a grand total of 18 small independent breweries spread throughout the city.

The iconic windmill “de Gooyer” in the eastern part of town holds one of the “bigger” ones: Brewery ‘t IJ. Their beers are available in stores and bars all over town but getting one at the source beats it all of course. Their terrace is at the base of the windmill and you’ll be in the company of many locals and visitors alike.

Brouwerij ‘t Ij

If you don’t want to venture out too far, the inner city holds many hidden treasures and one of our favourites is brewery De Prael. This small but productive brewery is located in the Red Light District so if you’re in need of some Dutch courage this place offers more then enough. J (just up the road from our hotel at Nesplein)

Brouwerij De Prael

Just around the corner from our hotel at Frederiksplein we have (besides the Heineken Experience) a brand new player on the Amsterdam beer market, Troost! (meaning “comforting”) they brew 3 types at the moment, a Blond, a Weizen and an IPA. The tasting hall is situated within the brewery facilities so you cant get it more direct than this, straight from the vat to your glass!

Brouwerij Troost

So, have fun out there and follow our advice carefully: stay hydrated!

All the other names and addresses you can find on this website.

Happy Birthday to us!

Today is a special day indeed at Hotel V Frederiksplein:  Today is our 5th anniversary!

Five years of guests at Frederiksplein, five years of staff members (some still here, some not), five years of eVents, and five years of loving this part of the city.

Hotel V Frederiksplein at night, by Victor Duran,

Hotel V Frederiksplein at night, by Victor Duran,

We are super grateful to all of the guests that have slept on our pillows and roamed our halls.  Without you we wouldn’t have made it this far, so thank you!

Here are five more things that we are grateful for on our birthday:

  1. This month we are opening Hotel V Nesplein.  Just weeks away now!
  2. …at the same time we will launch the restaurant that will be in the lobby of the new hotel, The Lobby.
  3. Next month Hotel V Frederiksplein will expand with the addition of 6 short-stay lofts next door.
  4. Today we will announce the winner of our Facebook contest- a one night stay in Hotel V Nesplein including breakfast at The Lobby!
  5. And to celebrate our anniversary, tonight the V Crew is having a party!

We think that is a handful to be happy about, right?

Have a great weekend!

New in Town: Meatballs

We suppose if there is one rule of thumb when it comes to restaurants, it would be: The more specialized you are, the more special you will be.

With that in mind, please allow us to introduce you to Meatballs.


Meatballs is a small drop-in restaurant, serving (OMG you guessed it, you’re so clever!) meatballs from a variety of meats (chicken meatballs, whaaaat?), as well as meat-less balls for the vegetarians among us (try the pumpkin ball- so yummy!). On top of that they have a selection of starches including potatoes, pasta, polenta and gnocchi, but you can also get your meatballs on tiny little buns to make tiny little meatballs sandwiches. Adorable!



Meatballs officially opens this weekend on the Warmoesstraat 15, so if you’re around Dam Square, you might as well check out these damn meatballs (see what we did there?).


Het Grachtenhuis flag flying high and proud.

What to do in Amsterdam in August

Are you gay?  Do you like films?  Do you like theater?

In short: are you a gay film-loving theater-goer?

If yes, than you are going to LOOOOVE Amsterdam in August.  This is really your time to shine in the Big Moke.

If you’re not all of the above, or not even one of the above, then fret not.  I guarantee there is still something for you to do this month!

Check it out:

1 – 5 August, Amsterdam Gay Pride (website): This festival probably needs no explanation.  It’s gay, it’s proud, and it’s back, with the famous boat parade taking place on Saturday 4 August.  (Gays on water!  What more do you need?)  The city is host to a full lineup of parties, sports, concerts, gay cinema, and a lot of educational and informative events such as Self Defense workshops, free HIV tests, and a reading and tour about Homosexuality in the Animal Kingdom.   Amsterdam is known as the most gay-friendly city in Europe, and these 5 days will show you why.

The Boat Parade is the topper on the great big gay wedding cake that is Gay Pride.

Also worth pointing out is the “openminded” Beach Party at Roest on Friday 3 August from 7 pm, called Gaywatch.  Think: beach volleyball, BBQ, and Baywatch-worthy competitions.  The DJ starts at 10pm and the party goes until 3 am.

OK, first let me get all of the movie-stuff out of the way:

until 19 August, Bioscoop op het Podium in Carre, (program found here):  Since the theater season has moved outdoors for the summer (more on that below), the Carre theater has little to do.  So it is turning into a makeshift but very beautiful cinema for August showing well-loved classics, such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, My Fair Lady and Casablanca.  Classic movies in a classic setting- I’m pretty sure this was what movie dates were meant to be like.

Theater Carre pretends to be a movie theater for the summer

2, 3, & 4 August, Drijf in Bios voor Pampus (more info here): If you like movies, and you have a boat, then here is a very special treat indeed.  For just three nights, the nearby island of Pampus (once a fortification island made to defend Amsterdam from attack by water, now a Unesco world Heritage Site) will be hosting an outdoor cinema screen which you can only reach by boat.  No word yet on the movie lineup, but I imagine the experience here is the location more than the movie.  There’s not many places that have a drive-in movie theater on the water, so reserve ahead to make sure you get a spot!  Movies begin when the sun goes down.  For those less fortunate, you can also take an organized boat from Ijburg and watch the movie from a seat on the island.  15 euro per person for the film, 25 euro if you need to catch the organized boat as well.

Drijf in Bios voor Pampus

8 – 19 August, World Cinema Amsterdam (website):  Only two years young, this film festival celebrates the underdogs in the film world far from Hollywood- those films comnig out of Latin America, Asia and Africa.  With 2 indoor locations (Rialto and De Balie) and two outdoor locations (Marie Heinekenplein and Vondelpark) and 48 films and shorts, there is a wealth of choice.  This year the festival will be focusing extra attention on Brazilian Stories.  The free movies on Marie Heinekenplein are between 15 to 19 August, so go early and grab a chickpea burger at Restaurant Barca nearby (they’re delicious!).

World Cinema Amsterdam

22 August – 1 September, Pluk de Nacht (the website still needs to be updated with the 2012 program) More open air cinema- Pluk de Nacht is back!  (It means ‘Seize the Night’, although the official English name is the less-interesting sounding ‘Open Air Film Festival’)  Every night a new programme of short films and feature length independent films is shown behind Central Station, with the water at your back. And it’s FREE! Bring your bottle of wine and some snacks, and don’t forget some comfortable beach chairs or blankets.  If you have spare time, get there early to snag a good spot, because this is a popular festival.

Pluk de Nacht- get there early to Pluk a chair.

Every Saturday evening in August, Open Air Films at the Ketelhuis (website):  Hey, do you know what nobody thought of this summer?  Outdoor movies!  Or no, wait….everyone did.  Including the Ketelhuis in Westerpark!  Every Saturday evening in August, starting when the sun goes down, a recent film will be shown on the outdoor big screen.  Perfect way to end a picnic day or to prolong one that you don’t want to end.  On the 25th there is a special surprise film chosen by mega-blogger and Friend of V Nalden from  The man’s got good taste, so I’d definitely try and catch that one if I were you.

Openlucht Cinema at Ketelhuis

31 August, Cinema Curioso (website): In what sounds like a helluva funny night for film-lovers, the EYE Film Institute will be showing two hours of film clips featuring the Best of the Worst in B-movie History.  They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and so welcome to Cinema Hell where directors of film flops such as ‘Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals’ and ‘Yog: The Space Amoebe’ really did have good intentions!  Honest!  These clips will be accompanied with live commentary from a movie scholar, so if you’re a fan of the bizarre, come and get your fill.  And if that isn’t enough to entice you, let me try this: rampaging pygmie terrors!  Yeah, exactly.  See you there.

Yog: The Space Amoeba wants you to come to Cinema Curioso!

And if the Pluk de Nacht, Ketelhuis, World Cinema, Drijf in de Bios, Cinema Curioso, and Carre Cinema wasn’t enough movie for you, then stop by the Stadsarchief basement film hall during the whole month of August to see a selection of films about Amsterdam in the 1900s – 1920s.  This collection of news clips, street shots and commercials runs on a constant loop until 5 pm, so drop by whenever you are in the neighborhood and get a feel for what life was like here before you were even a thought in your grandparent’s heads.


OK now that all things cinema is out of the way, here are some things to do in August that don’t involve the silver screen:

FOAM has some really great exhibitions going on throughout the summer, including one from the Father of Paparazzi Ron Galella (go so you can love to hate him, like the celebs!), and another from Erik Kessels on the death of the photoalbum in today’s hard drive world (the photo album is dead, long live the photo album!).

‘Album Beauty’ by Erik Kessels in FOAM

1 – 31 August, Return of the Swing Club at Mediamatic (website): If there’s one thing that naturally goes hand in hand, it would be summer and swings.  So how appropriate that Mediamatic have once again set up the swings in their Oostenburgereiland factory.  Pay your 2 euro and have a go.  This time they have even added more gymnastics equipment like a trampoline, and a trapeze for the really brave.

Swing the summer away at Mediamatic Fabriek

1 – 4 August, Comedy Train at Toomler (lineup here): Every year the Toomler comedy club hosts English-speaking comedians from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US.  These are some of the best in the English-speaking world, so go get your funny on.  (And check here first to see if you can’t snag some last minute tickets!)

The International Comedy Train makes the last stop at Toomler for the summer this week. Don’t miss it! Choo-choo!

every Saturday afternoon, Boom Chicago’s Deep Undercover (more info here):  I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for two things in life: games and chocolate.  This outdoor theater event has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate (sadly), but everything to do with games!  This is a play that you, as an audience member, take part in.  Armed with only a cell phone number, you call on the day of the play to see where you have to go, and then follow the clues from there.  Think of it as “Moving Street Theater”, and just go with the flow.

Boom Chicago takes theater to the streets

10 – 19 August, Grachten Festival (website):  This much-loved festival along Amsterdam’s historic canals brings a touch of class to the city each year.   Featuring well-known classical music artists as well as up-and-coming talent in the classical world at indoor and outdoor venues across the city, the best ones to catch are, of course, the free concerts along the water.  There are also workshops on how to make your own instruments at the library, and a special show not ON the water but UNDER the water!  Each year has a theme, and this year that theme is LOVE.  And who doesn’t love love, right?

Classical music in lovely settings during the Grachtenfestival,

10 – 26 August, De Parade (website): a street music and theater festival taking place in Martin Luther King Park. This travelling festival has a little something for everyone, even if that something is, say….a post-apocalyptic story inspired by Elvis, rockabilly, and 50′s music.  See?   Something for everyone. Expect music, theater, a few antique carnival rides, tents, shows and food, and there is a special program just for children.

De Parade travels through Amsterdam again.

Hi!  In the eternal words of Laser 3.14, Are you (still) reading me?!!?  If so then I applaud your efforts.  Just a bit more to tell you…

12 August (Amstelpark) & 26 August (Park Frankendael), Pure Markt, (website) This Sunday market is for real food lovers and purists.  If you are the kind of person who likes your food local, your mushrooms straight from the forest, or your waste composted by worms, then this is the conscious market for you.  But this isn’t just a hippie thing! Artisenal cakes and breads, handmade crafts, woodoven pizzas are all also on the agenda, plus much more.

Pure Market for Food Lovers, not just for Hippies!

17 – 19 August Hartjesdagen op Zeedijk (more info here and here): This special festival in the Zeedijk has to be seen to be believed.  With roots going back as far as the Middle Ages, the new purpose of this festival is to celebrate the Zeedijk neighborhood- once a place where no one wanted to live, now a colorful neighborhood where something is always going on.   There is a contest for Best Dressed Man and Best Dressed Woman, so you can imagine that this brings out even more color in the area during these three days.  Grab your hot pink wig and make a show out of it.  Who knows, you might even win a prize!

Hartjesdagen in Zeedijk…color is only the half of it!

Sunday 19 August, Moderne Hippies present Summer Love (website): A market (restyled vintage, bags, shoes, illustrations), workshops on how to be a modern hippie (beach yoga, raw food, hula hooping, you know the deal), and a DIY barbeque, all at Roest on a (hopefully) warm summer Sunday.

23 – 29 August, Summer Dance Forever (website): Admit it, many is the time you were home on a weekend day and caught yourself absorbed in America’s Next Best Dance Crew on MTV, thinking, “I could do that….my robot isn’t so bad…”.  Well now here is your chance to watch and even learn, because this weeklong festival is all things street dance- from hiphop to house, reggae to funk.  Well-known dancers from all over the world will converge on Amsterdam to battle it out, put on a show, and to show you how too.

24, 25 & 26 August, Uitmarkt (website) The start of the cultural season.  On-your-mark-get-set-GO!  Spread all over the city, each theater and venue will be showing you a taste test of what the season has in store.  The perfect time for culture junkies to get their fix.

Uitmarkt, Set, Go!

24 August (to 16 September) Magneet Festival (website): The Magneet Festival is a three week spectacle.  Their motto? “No spectators, only participants”, which means that you, the festival-goer, will be the main attraction!  So bring your talent, send your good idea, or just simply go with your open mind and have fun.

Magneet Festival wants YOU!

Starting 30 August, Amsterdam Fringe Festival (website): 10 days, 80 theatre groups, 33 locations , performance, live art, (music) theatre, dance & uninhibited energy from the Netherlands and the rest of the world.  Key word(s): avant-garde.  

Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012

Now children, if I catch you at home or in your hotel room on any night in August, I hereby ban you from the city for being a culture bore.

Get out there and have a great summer!

A nudist troll tries to book at Hotel V

This is an actual email we recieved, with attached photo.  Names, faces and um…..members have been hidden by us to protect the not-so-innocent, although I don’t know why we bothered, as he is obviously not shy.

Just when you thought hotel life was boring…




From: P** S**** [mailto:********]
Date: donderdag 26 juli 2012 18:17
To: undisclosed-recipients


Dear Reservation or Reception ,

Can you please indicate if you have a single or double room for me from:

Arrival: October 08

Departure: October 11

If so please send me your best rate.

Please note that I am a Naturist and like to be naked as often as possible (in my Room).  In order to avoid any surprises I did attach some nude photos of myself which you can print and circulate among your Lady Team to check if they will be OK to deliver me Room Service or perform Room Cleaning while I am naked in my Room ?  They are welcome to visit me together with some of their Female Colleagues if it can make them feel safer.  They will of course will get a nice Tip.

If it can help their decision I will be pleased to send you some more nude photos of myself.

Please call me just P** as I do assume that you have seen my nude pics.

kind regards ,

P** S****

In case you thought we were joking…


We think it is safe to say that this is one of the funnier emails that we have recieved in all of the years of being a hotel. But this is obviously not a serious request, and so the only thing we could do was respond with a meme.

Our only thought at seeing the photo.

How would you have handled this?



What to do in Amsterdam in July

Buckle your seatbelts everybody, this is going to be an excellent month.

Here’s a selection of what to do:

Docu by Night (I.D.F.A.) at Pakhuis de Zwijger: (today through 20 July, Tuesday through Friday, starting at 10 pm) Do you remember last November during the International Documentary Festival when you wanted to see all of those really brilliant documentaries, but you couldn’t because they sold out too soon (curses!)?  So then you thought that you would just go home and download them, but piracy is totally stealing and so you decided against it?  (But really you just forgot?)  Well!  Have we got good news for you.  From Tuesday through Friday for the next two weeks, some of the best documentaries from I.D.F.A. will be shown on the terrace of Pakhuis de Zwijger.  Open air movies!  For FREE!  Films will start at 10 pm every night, and if the weather turns foul, have no fear- the whole thing will be moved inside!  Here is the program.  See you there!

Films al Fresco!

Films al Fresco at Pakhuis de Zwijger!

Longest Vegetarian Table: (11 July, Museumplein) If you’re a vegetarian, or the least bit curious about vegetarian food, then head on over to Museumplein tomorrow night to join 800 other people set the record for the Longest Vegetarian Table (in the Netherlands).   It’s technically free, but if you donate a few euros to help them cover costs then you’ll be doing a good thing and the animals and people will thank you!  Nothing like good karma to get you going on a Wednesday night!

Last year’s long veggie table in Utrecht. Expect the same this year…but bigger!

Amsterdam Fashion Week: (11 – 15 July) Oh, so you like fashion?  Us too!  But you’re a nobody?  US TOO!  Lucky for you (and us) the Nobodies can take part in Amsterdam Fashion Week’s Downtown Program, which takes the catwalk to the streets with presentations, exhibitions, workshops, parties and more spread across venues around town.  Parties that anyone can attend, so throw on your finest gladrags, and check out the program here.  The theme as far as venues go this year is “Green Hotspots”, and not to pat our own heads here, but check out number 19. (pat-pat-pat)

For the Nobodies like us!

Youth Food Movement’s Oogstfest (Harvest Fest): (14 July, Roest) If you are not yet familiar with the Youth Food Movement, or Roest, then this is a good time to kill two birds with one spoon.  The Youth Food Movement is attempting to encourage a healthy interest in the slow food movement from an early age, and Roest is just a kickass place to have a drink.  This Oogstfest (Harvest Fest) is built around the humble potato.  The Dutch consume an aboslute boatload of potatoes (frietjes anyone?), but urban life naturally creates a huge gap between the farmer and the consumer.  This festival is a chance to bring them back closer together by once again honouring the age-old tradition of celebrating a new crop, and to do so with music, poetry and a party!  Your farmer ancestors would be so proud!

What your friet looks like before it is made into a friet! Will wonders never cease!

Urban Art EFX 2012 Exhibition: (until 15 July)  You only a few more days to catch a street art exhibition showcasing urban artists from literally all over the world under the theme “from urban to contemporary” at the CBK Amsterdam gallery.   Taking art from the street to a gallery is something of a trend right now, and forms an interesting antithesis on the origins of the art.  I imagine that this exhibition is focusing on that personal progression of the artists being exhibited.  There will also be a presentation on 14 July by Graphic Surgery, a Dutch collective whose art is formed from a mix of photography and other mediums.

Graphic Surgery at work

Amsterdam Bass Festival: (13 – 14 July, Melkweg): Taking place in the self-puported home of Dubstep- the Melkweg- the Amsterdam Bass Festival will be a three-day lineup of all things Dubstep- not just Dubstep itself, but the music that led to Dubstep and the music styles that also evolved from it.  If you praise the gods of Dubstep, then this is the Summer Bible Camp for you.

Our Father, who art in da-bass-line-pumpeth…

A Day at the Park: (21 July) Celebrating its fifth year, A Day at the Park is now bigger and better than ever.  They have added a third stage this year, so the line-up ranges from the Heavy Hitters (Richie Hawtin & Groove Armada for instance) to the Up-and-Coming on the stage called “Under the Radar”.  Full lineup is here, and notice what they call one of their stages…. “From Amsterdam with Love”.  Hhhhmmm, wonder where they got that from….. (cough-cough-look-here

A Day at the Park…not quite the gentle day of picnic that you were thinking…

 Milkshake Festival: (22 July, Westerpark) We can’t put this any better, so we’re just going to take it right from the website: “Milkshake is not just a festival. Of course it’s all about entertainment, but Milkshake has a clear and strong message. Milkshake is about courtesy, freedom and tolerance, but also about love and thinking outside the box.”  Also probably just as important from the website: “For Boys who love Girls who love Girls who love Boys who love Boys….”   Yup….that about sums it up, that’s all you need to know.

Their Milkshakes will bring all the boys to the yard.

 And there you have it.  From harvest festivals to street art exhibitions, with a lot of party in between.  Isn’t it a great time to be alive and in Amsterdam?

We think so too. 

What to do in June in Amsterdam

You know that big European-wide spectacle of sport that is going on right now for the next few weeks?  That thing that involves men from countries all over the continent kicking a ball around in Poland and the Ukraine?

Yes, well this post is nothing about that. 

Because chances are you are already watching that (Aren’t we all?), and you already have your favorite bar or cafe or spot on the couch to watch it, and so this list is if- for whatever reason- you decide to go and do something OTHER than watch that big sporting thing that is taking The Europe by storm right now.

So here goes, the list of What to do in June in Amsterdam which does not include watching sports. 

(And by the way, if you’re looking to head out to your favorite bar to have a *quiet* drink, you should maybe consult this schedule first and avoid going out during any of the Dutch matches, because every- and I do mean EVERY- bar and cafe will be jam packed with Orange mania.  Hup Holland Hup!)

Holland Festival 1 – 28 June:  Music, theater, opera, dance, film, and everything in between at 20 locations.  With acts and artists from all over the world converging on the city this month, it is a good time to experience something that you might not ever again, such as watching 2001: A Space Odyssey with a live orchestra instead of the normal narrative, or watching a wrestling match with accompanying live accordion music!  Because….why not!  When are you ever going to get that chance again?  There are also Whirling Dervishes!   Everyone loves a whirling dervish, right?

Accordion Wrestling at Holland Festival

GRID Photo Festival, until 1 July: A bi-annual international photography festival, GRID will showcase exhibitions by approximately 30 international artists, and an OFF-GRID program of events and talks, walking tours and workshops in galleries throughout the city, but mainly in the East.  The lomography workshops look really interesting, and for photographers who might already have a collective body of work that fits in the theme “Urban Reality Check – Reflections on Changing behaviour and space”, there is also a competition!

GRID Photography Festival

Open Air Theater 3 June – September:  All summer long Vondelpark will host a series of openair music, theater and dance concerts on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.  Everything from opera to standup comedy to children’s shows, it is best to check the program and plan ahead.  Case Mayfield (17 June, 17:00) played once at Hotel V and was really great, so we can recommend that show!  And just before Case at 16:30, Mister & Mississippi looks like it might also be one to catch (and keep an eye on!).

Vondelpark Openlucht Theater

Advanced Style: An Evening with Fashion Photographer Ari Seth Cohen 14 June:  In a world that frequently associates “fashion” with “youth”, it is a refreshing change of pace and a breath of fresh air to see one fashion photographer, Ari Seth Cohen, focusing on fashion with experience.  Releasing a beautiful book (he also has a blog) called ‘Advanced Style’, Cohen captures the world’s most fashionable women (usually over 60 years old) in some of the world’s fashion capitals.  This book launch will be held at the ABC Treehouse, and is sure to be a special evening!  Even better – bring your mother!

From the Advanced Style blog

Stedelijk Blikopeners Event at Trouw 14 June:  During this evening, the Blikopeners of the Stedelijk (young people with part-time jobs in the museum) examine the thin line dividing an original from a reproduction. Young musicians will cover Shocking Blue’s “Venus” (the Stedelijk was the background for the music video); photocopiers make it possible for everyone to determine the circulation of a work by Piet Parra; two continuous experiments examine the survival of long stories that are passed on orally; and there is a masterclass to answer the question whether art can be practiced anywhere and by anyone by following instructions. In addition, artists and employees of the Stedelijk give short talks to describe how reproductions influence their work. A selection of reinterpretations, odes, and appropriations in contemporary and video art will be on display throughout the building.

Nuit Blanche 16 June: An evening of art in all forms that stretches from 7 pm to 7 am.  “Obscure and beautiful projects at unexpected places” with a diverse range of artistic collaborators.  Every year this is a very special event that will take you all over the city, but be prepared for crowds.  It seems that everyone is art-hungry these days!  And here is just a glimpse of what you might experience:  Tattoo Parlour//het Ruyterhuis, sailors and naval battles. The Closet//street art, squatting, Brazil.  Red light Radio//life action role play, Ramses Shaffy, chocolatier, Haiku’s, reports.  If that doesn’t tickle your curiosity, then I don’t know what will!

Nuit Blance- don’t try to figure it out. Just EXPERIENCE it.

Open Garden Days 15 – 17 June: For three days this weekend, various canal houses around the city will open their doors to give you a peek into their back gardens- a privelege very few get to see (unless you are of the priveleged classes, in which case: may we come in?).  This year the theme is ‘Coach houses and garden houses’, so expect lots of cute back buildings!

Open Garden Days, Amsterdam

Stanley Kubrick Retrospective  21 June: For fans of Stanley Kubrick, there will be an exhibition and accompanying retrospective of his works starting on 21 June at the EYE Film Institute, including debates, interviews and lectures, and covering all aspects of his films, from scorse to storyboards to props.  In conjunction with the John Adams Institute, there will also be a talk given by his widow and his executive producer about the man himself- his life and vision.  His movies will be shown throughout the summer at the EYE.

Stanley Kubrick exhibition & retrospective

Have a great June everyone!