Amsterdam Terrace Lounging

Well that was one hell of a weekend as far as weather is concerned!  Finally the season for soaking up some sun has arrived! 

So to compliment this weather, here is a list of some of the best terraces in Amsterdam.  Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

Nel – a shady terrace located on a small hidden square in the center, and sectioned off with a white picket fence.  This place is excellent for terrace-visitors with children, as there is a lot of space for them to run and play (and climb trees) while mom and dad sit back and watch with a nice glass of wine.

Zouk – this terrace is extremely popular when the sun hits it (from about 11 am to 6 pm) so expect a crowd and slightly overworked bar staff.  But they are still friendly and the sun is still sunny!

Cafe Kale– Sitting from where I am right now, I can see that the sun is shining directly onto the terrace of Cafe Kale across the street from Hotel V.  A self-proclaimed “modern brown cafe”, these 32 terrace seats are always packed, and for good reason: service is friendly, sun is bright, and the food is excellent and affordable.

Cafe Amsterdam– housed in the former Pump Station which supplied Amsterdam with fresh water, this cafe is really special, both inside and out.  Inside you find tall ceilings and original features of the factory, and outside a lovely terrace, which lies on a small wayside canal.

De Jaren– winner of the 1998 Dutch Cafe of the Year, De Jaren is large and airy, and spread out on two floors.  The terrace outside sits along the water and is perfect for boat-watching if you are lucky and fast enough to grab a seat!

Strand Zuid– a one-of-a-kind City Beach!  Go here if you want to feel as if you have escaped the city, but don’t feel like going so far.  You have it all: water, a deck terrace, deck chairs, sand, and most importantly: sun and drinks!

Cafe Van Zuylen – V Crew member Jochem  recommends this cafe, right in the center of town on the bridge overlooking a canal.  This terrace gets lots of sunshine throughout the day!

Westergasterras– V Crew members Simone and Suzanne both recommend this cafe, and Suzanne is sitting THIS VERY SECOND on the terrace here (lucky!), and she says it’s quite nice!  With those tall windows, even sitting inside on a sunny day would be lovely!

Morlang– a somewhat tiny terrace, but directly on the water and just off of the busy Leidsestraat, so a perfect place to pop in for an after-shopping vaasje!

Festina Lente– a popular local spot suggested by V Crew member Simone, Festina Lente has a tiny terrace, but during the summer they extend it by putting a couch and chairs on the bridge nearby.  Definitely unique!

Pacific Parc– located in the Westerpark, a large cafe with great music (a live DJ most of the time) and funky bathrooms, as well as a super sunny terrace.

Nevy– Man, do we love our IQ Creative restaurants!  In the same family as Supperclub, Envy, Vyne, Nomads and Witteveen, this seafood restaurant has a lovely terrace on the water, and a weekly party called The Hamptons.  Definitely one to check out!

Cafe Alverna– another recommendation from a V Crew member, this cafe is tucked into a tiny hidden square in the Old West.  This cafe has a hundred-year old history of pleasing the neighborhood with its terrace! 

Spanjer & Van Twist : If you are lucky enough to have traversed Amsterdam by boat, then you have certainly passed this cafe situated on a corner in the Joordan and thought: “Damn!  I must go there one day!”  And you totally should, just go early and grab a seat fast, because this is prime shady terrace realty for boat-watchers and canal-loungers. 

And of course let’s not forget the three cafes in Vondelpark:

Cafe Vertigo (otherwise known simply as The Filmmusem)

Het Blauwe Theehuis

Groot Melkhuis

If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please just comment below!  Here in Amsterdam we only have a few weeks of true sunshine, so we must Carpe Diem, or miss it all!

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