Holland Festival 2010

So, that was a whirlwind May, wasn’t it?

And now you’re thinking you can just sit back and relax and take it easy in June, right?



Prepare to be smacked in the face by culture because with June comes the Holland Festival, a 26 day FEAST of music, theater, opera, dance, film, and everything in between.

So what would you like to see at the Netherland’s oldest and largest performing arts festival?

How about the world premiere of Russian Alexander Raskatov’s first opera, A Dog’s Heart, by De Nederlandse Opera, based on a short story by Mikhail Bulgakov, a “razor-sharp satire on the social experiment of the Russian Revolution”.

Too high brow for you?

Then try American conductor David Robertson’s Dutch première of Duet by the English composer George Benjamin.

Are you still with me?

If modern dance is more your thing, then this might interest you:  Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker choreographed a ballet that takes place, for the most part, without musical accompaniment in The Song.  That’s right: a silent ballet.  Have you ever seen one?  Well, neither have I- at least not yet- but now I plan to!

You can also hear all (or some of) Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies by the orchestra Anima Eterna over the course of several days, played on historical instruments for the authentic experience.

And that is just the smallest sampling of what’s in store for the Holland Festival.  There is also Shakespeare, Don Quixote, traditional Japanese Noh theater performances, and much, much more.  And if you want to cheat, then every afternoon at 2 pm there is a twenty minute preview in the windows of the Bijenkorf on Dam Square giving you a taste of what is to come that day.

And you thought June was going to be relaxing.


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