Book giveaway!

You love Amsterdam.

I love Amsterdam.

We all love Amsterdam.

Hotel V loves to share our love with Amsterdam by making sure our guests get to see the side of Amsterdam that we love- far away from Madam Tussaud’s wax museum or the Bulldog coffeeshops.

So we are extremely pleased to annouce that The American Book Center and Oxygen Books have teamed up with Hotel V to offer twenty lucky Hotel V Twitter followers the chance to win ‘City-Pick Amsterdam’, a book about……you guessed it: writers writing about their love of Amsterdam!

City-Pick Amsterdam:  It could be your's!

Consider it one large love letter to this great city (village), by over 70 well-known writers.  We’re talking Albert Camus, Geert Mak, Ian McEwan, David Sedaris, Martin Bril, Voltaire….the list goes on! You can read the whole introduction here.

My favorite excerpt so far:

“But, as she passed the old Heineken brewery, and further on, the Nederlandse Bank, her insouciance gave way to a growing sense of pleasurable tension and focus. It was a tingly sensation, rousing her, like the blue electric sprites you get touching a door handle, shaking someone’s hand, after scuffling along a nylon carpet.

She felt fit, reckless and invincible.”

The Apothecary’s House, page 52

Can anyone guess why it’s my favorite?

Two things:

First– that’s the same route that goes past Hotel V! I ride that every day!

Second– I’ve felt that electric current when riding my bike through Amsterdam- to work or anywhere. It’s that special feeling you get when you think, “Damn. I live in one of the best cities in the world.”

So! On to the fun stuff…

You can win a copy of this book too, by doing two easy things.

First, follow Hotel V on twitter! If not just for this book, also to keep up to date on what is going on in Amsterdam, other upcoming giveaways, and also just to chat with us when we’re bored and lonely and no one is in the hotel (that is nearly never by the way…).

Second, twitter to us any of the following:

– Why do you love Amsterdam?
– What’s your favorite place in Amsterdam?
– Who is your favorite Amsterdammer?
– Or why you would like to come to Amsterdam!

On Monday 5 July we will randomly pick 20 winners from those who have tweeted us and followed us, so there is a good chance you can win! If you are already a follower, then just do the second part.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

Get to tweeting!

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