What To Do This Weekend

Let’s see if I can bust this out all in one breath.

De Parade : a street theater festival taking place now until the 22nd of August in Martin Luther King Park. This travelling festival is a throw back to the Middle Ages with a splash of modern as only the Dutch can do. Expect music, theater, a few antique carnival rides, tents, shows and food! You can also taste-test the shows before committing to tickets by watching the performers put on mini-acts in front of their tents (think High Street in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival). Fun for young and old!

Vondelpark Open Lucht Theater : theater, dance and music- all in the open air and ALL FREE! What more can you say? Sun plus culture equals= a great weekend. Until the 15th of August.

Pluk de Nacht : another open air festival, this time focusing on films. Every night a new programme of short films and feature length independent films is shown behind Central Station, with the water at your back. And it’s FREE! Bring your bottle of wine and some snacks, and you just can’t beat it. Until the 15th of August.

The Grachten Festival : For those with more refined tastes, this festival showcases classical music talents in very special locations throughout the city (mostly along the canals) and kicks off the start of the classical music season. Yes, apparently there is a classical music season. Who knew? Because it coincides with SAIL 2010, you can also expect some concerts with pretty majestic maritime backdrops (hint: I MEAN BIG WOODEN SHIPS!). Until the 22nd of August.

So there is a LOT to do this weekend- and all of it outdoors! And as I type this, the rain is lashing down by the bucketful, so here’s hoping for better weather to come!

Have a good weekend all!

2 thoughts on “What To Do This Weekend

  1. Neat, lots to do. I am visiting September 15th for a few days. What is the weather like around that time. Wondering how I should pack. I know no shorts……….but could I still wear a T-shirt?


    1. Hi there! September is going to be a bit cooler. T-shirts might be ok for part of the day, but I would advise light sweaters and a jacket just in case! Hopefully it won’t be necessary, but more often than not you’ll need them!


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