Simpel aint so Simple

Had dinner with the missus for restaurant week.

€25 euro for a 5 course meal, we didnt know so we got lucky.

Simpel has been around for a good 6 years now, frequented by locals and more and more tourists so it seems.

Yesterday was the testcase as we sent 2 of our guests to Simpel, they had just gone to mr fish for some medieval pedicure that involved little fish…

Needless to say theyre expectations were hight with regards to Simpel, but they were met thank god.

Then for the ultimate challenge, 3 hungry flemish gourmet cuisine characters, and yes they enjoyed it.

So 7 people in a week cant all be wrong can they?

A definite tip, Simpel is what is is, good food, good prices, good athmosphere.

Classics with a twist.

Vitello Tonato
Peppersoup with parmesan
Seabass with risotto
Steak with truffle sauce
Creme brulee and a lemon sorbet
(25 euro? yes 25 euro!)

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