Wicked Jazz Sunday @ Sugarfactory

We V folk are a simple crew. We eat, sleep, work, and of course we party.

It’s part of the job. We have to see what is good in Amsterdam, so that we can then send our guests there, resulting in happy guests who love Amsterdam as much as we do.

So you see, it was purely “research” that a group of us got together to go check out Wicked Jazz Sounds last Sunday at the Sugar Factory.

Hotel V is now offering a Wicked V package which includes entry for 2 into Wicked Jazz as well as an overnight at Hotel V. So of course we had to taste-test Wicked Jazz Sounds ourselves! …At least, that’s what I was telling my boss on Monday morning, being the sad sucker who had the early-morning shift, exhausted and maybe just a weensy bit hungover!

Next time, I will definitely ask to be on the later shift, because it was a whole lot of fun and I wanted to stay later! I begged off and was home by 1:45 am like a good girl, but some of the V crew stayed until 4:30. HARDCORE, jongens!

And look! We were caught on film.

Wicked V boys and girls at Wicked Jazz Sounds, Sugarfactory

For those interested, Wicked Jazz Sounds is every Sunday night at Sugarfactory, kicking off at 11 pm but not really picking up until about 12:30 or 1 am and going strong until 5 am. A DJ spins a great mix of jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, and drum & base, and alternates sets with a live band on stage. Entry at the door is 9.50 euros, or if you’re a lucky V guest staying with the Wicked V package, it’s free!

Have fun being wicked!

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