Barça Amsterdam, Heinekenplein

Earlier this week, the V crew was invited by neighborhood bar Barça to come and sample their wares.  Hotel V is no stranger to Barça – several of the staff go there regularly, and one night a V-crew outing spilled over into Barça from a nearby restaurant and a merry drunken time was had by all.

But Barça has recently undergone a renovation in decor and menu, and so with that in mind we headed over to the Heinekenplein to see what was new.

First a word about the decor- from what I recall (through my drunken stupor from the work party) Barça used to be decorated in reds and pinks?  So I was more than pleasantly surprised when I walked in to find that they had toned down the place in chic black and grey with hints of gold everywhere.  If you know Hotel V, then you know that this is precisely right up our alley.  It felt like coming home!

V's new home away from home!

If I had to describe the menu at Barça, I would say that it was a blend of “Latin meets Dutch”.  We ate mostly from the tapas menu, but it wasn’t the usual “potatoes soaked in garlic and oil” type of tapas that you can find elsewhere.  Instead, the menu was innovative and creative, and had something for everyone (myself- the lone vegetarian- included). 

If you are looking for a quick bite, I would highly recommend the tostados- crostini of bread with servings of various fish or vegetarian toppings.  Also, the bread that they served us was to die for.  Crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, and apparently homemade. 

We also tried one each of a veggie and a meat burger, and I can personally vouch that the veggie burger is quite possibly one of the best in town.  And apparently a popular item choice with the rest of the clientele.

And, of course, a word about the service.  The girls that waited on us were hand-and-foot attentive, and really friendly.  And the real friendly, not the friendly-because-I-have-to-it’s-my-job friendly.  Trust us- we can tell the difference, being service people ourselves!

Other plus-points include a terrace on the Heinekenplein, free wifi to get your facebook on, and an overall chilled out but upbeat atmosphere.  And if you’re a foursquare junky, the mayor gets a free drink!  Go, grab a drink, and check in to your heart’s content.

Terrace in the sun!

If you have never been to Barça, or haven’t been there since the place was red, now is the time to check it out!   We had a blast!

And before I forget- the owner was kind enough to come on over and tell us about their very own Oktoberfest which will be held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October right here in Amsterdam at the Olympic Stadium, complete with beer tents and maidens with busty dresses.  Something you definitely don’t want to miss!  (

Marie Heinekenplein 30-31
1072 MH Amsterdam
tel  +31 (0)20 470 41 44
fax +31 (0)20 470 89 76

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