Erwin Olaf’s Black Tea Party

This weekend is a very special weekend in Amsterdam.  There is a lot going on- from private parties with big-name guests to open ateliers around town.

A very special party that Hotel V is proud to be a supporter of, is the Black Tea Party hosted by the famed Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

This party, held at Paradiso, is going to be an all-out banger of a party, a masked ball that celebrates sexual and racial diversity, and a protest against discrimination, racism, exclusion and homophobic violence! He is throwing this party in the hopes that Amsterdam can one day return to its formal liberal and gay-friendly past.  To that end, all benefits from this party will be donated to Tolerance United!

3 October, Paradiso

We here at Hotel V are big fans of Erwin Olaf’s work, and so we were very honoured that he chose Hotel V as his hotel of choice for some of the musical acts that will be performing at his party.

The party is long sold out, but if you are one of the lucky ones holding a ticket, you’re in for a fantastic night.  Just remember- no cameras, so no evidence!

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