2010 End of Year Wrap-Up

Well, it’s the last couple of hours to 2010.  We’re munching on oliebollen and listening to the fireworks burst outside on the streets, and doesn’t that always make one both nostalgic and hopeful, weighing recent accomplishments against goals for the future.

In the spirit of mulling over achievements (and patting our own backs), here is what Hotel V got up to this year:

– Achieved our Green Key certification in the highest order: The Golden Green Key!  We are the only independent hotel in Amsterdam to have this yet, and we worked our sustainable asses off for it, so we’re quite proud!

– Held the the Strawberry Earth Hotel Crash in January and then found a way to invest the money that we earned from the party into making Hotel V more eco-friendly (more on that soon! photos here of the party)

Lucy Love @ Strawberry Earth Hotel Crash

– Formed a great partnership with the American Book Center which led to lots of great projects together!

– Threw some pretty awesome parties, like the King Adz book launch (photos here), the Cityness magazine launch, the F.M. Amsterdam 1st Anniversary party, and two Musique Amis concerts (Berget Lewis and Michelle David- both amazing!)

Berget Lewis Concert, hosted by Musique Amis
King Adz cooks up some of his infamous street food during his launch of "Street Knowledge"

– Had two V baby births, and 2 more on the way!

– Had a nearly fully booked year!  Sorry if you didn’t get a room- book earlier next year!

– Welcomed many famous faces to the hotel this year, and had part of the finale episode of “Benelux Next Top Model” shot here on location.

Tattoo artist and reality TV star Kat von D
Fashion photographer Nigel Barker

– Squeezed in some relaxing nights out with the entire V crew a few times- once to Trouw, once to Nel, and once to Brix.

Class of 2010

– Successfully dealt with the volcanic ash cloud from HELL!  Man that was a tough time.

– Said goodbye to some V crew staff and welcomed many more new faces!

– Also checked out a few restaurants so that we could better recommend the best places to eat for our guests.  Check out what we had to say about: Barça, Roots, and Bo Cinq.

– And enjoyed all that Amsterdam had to offer this year, which included great concerts, festivals, the World Cup mania, SAIL 2010, clubs such as Wicked Jazz Sounds at the Sugarfactory, and so much more!

So we can look back on 2010 with a lot of love and happiness, and we look forward to what 2011 will bring for Hotel V.  For all our friends and guests, we wish you a fun night tonight, and see you in 2011!

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