V Dreams of a Better World

For a long time now, Hotel V has been dreaming of a better future for Amsterdam.  Exactly a year ago today, the organisers at Strawberry Earth helped us move one step closer to this dream by holding the Strawberry Earth Hotel Crash at our hotel.  It was a party the likes of which had never before been seen- taking our lobby and turning it into a dancefloor, and making themed rooms that partygoers could crash in for the night.  (Photos here!) But this party wasn’t just to have fun.  It had a very serious goal- to raise money for sustainability.  Hotel V pledged that all money raised that night would be reinvested into making the hotel more sustainable.

It took us a long time to figure out how to reinvest the money.  In the meantime, we changed many things: started recycling better, switched to eco-friendly foods and beverages, started using  recycled paper and eco-friendly light bulbs, and installed water savers on every faucet in the hotel.  But these are things that naturally SHOULD be done.  We wanted the investment to be something MORE. 

It was late in the year when we finally met with the brains behind the company Yumeko.  Yumeko provides duvets and bed linens made from natural, eco-friendly sources.  They are 100% committed to a greener world, fair-trade practices, and a sustainable lifestyle.  It seemed a perfect fit.

Therefore Hotel V is pleased to announce that every guest is now sleeping soundly and snuggly under Yumeko duvets!  The money has been reinvested, the guests are happy, and the world looks a little bit greener. 

Further to this, Hotel V has achieved the highest rating from Green Key, the international standard for sustainability in hotels.

It’s been a long, hard year working towards our goals, and we’ve only just begun!  We have many plans for bigger and better things, but until then please enjoy the video that we made to mark this occasion.


Many thanks to everyone at Strawberry Earth and Yumeko!  We are happy to know and fully support companies doing such great things!

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