A Group of Guys by Any Other Name…

There were a group of 7 Norwegian guys staying at the hotel this weekend.  This morning as they were checking out, I asked one of the guys what the occassion was.  Naturally I assumed that someone was getting married and this was their stag party/bachelor party.

“No, no marriage,” he stated. “Every year around this time the 7 of us take a trip.  Two people are in charge of all of the planning, and the other 5 just have to show up at the airport.  They don’t know where they are going, it’s all a surprise.  And then the next year two others arrange everything.  So far we’ve been to Dublin, Berlin, Lisbon and now Amsterdam.”

I thought that was a brilliant idea for a trip every year with friends!

And I will never assume that a group of guys is just a bachelor party on a mission again!

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