Hotel V Wildlife

Well it has been a dramatic week at the hotel!

First of all, someone fed the dog!:

Second of all, we had some feathered drama in the form of a nest of baby birds that hatched in the ventilation shaft of the hotel…right in the wall of a room.

At first it wasn’t a problem that the 10 little baby birds were there….until it was a problem and they started chirping.

Not knowing what else to do, we removed the nest (carefully, carefully!) and fashioned a new birds nest that we hung from the fire escape close to the wall.

Everything was fine and dandy- the parent birds were coming back to the new birdhouse, the baby birds were healthy….BUT THEN.  THEN!

Then they were attacked!  Right in front of our eyes, a big fat bird flew into the birdhouse and went on a rampage!  Only 2 of the little birds survived.

So we called the Animal Ambulance, fixed the birdhouse so that the hole was much smaller and the bigger bird couldn’t get in, and then (carefully, carefully!) gave the baby birds some water.  Then we set the birdhouse up again on the fire escape, watched for 30 minutes until the parents came back to continue feeding the babies, and then went back to work (we do actually work around here you know…).

What drama!  The Animal Ambulance workers were very impressed with our birdhouse.  And while it doesn’t fit into the “design” theme of the hotel, I have to say it is serving its purpose quite nicely.

See for yourself:

Birds with the Best Room in the House.

Is there a version of Tripadvisor for birds?  Because I think these birds owe us some sort of nice review!

And finally, the last bit of news about the wildlife of Hotel V.  Here is a video of the biggest animal of all, it was his birthday today!


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