Bye Bye Birdies!

It’s a typical family story: You give all your love and attention to your little ones, and then one day they up and fly out of the nest, never to come back. No thank you, no “see you later”. What’s a parent to do except for hope for the best for the little ones, and maybe wait for a phone call during the holidays.

It’s awfully quiet around here now since our little Vicky and Victor fled the coop. Vicky flew out first and hopped around the garden testing her wings. Victor wouldn’t leave the nest until we opened the lid, and then he flew out and went on his merry little way.

Here are some photos that we caught before they left, and a video of Vicky popping around before she headed off.

Farewell little feathered friends! Til next season!

Vicky hiding under the stairs in the garden.

Victor right before he flew out of the birdhouse.

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