What to do in June in Amsterdam

What’s that big yellow ball in the sky you ask?

Why, Amsterdammers- THAT’S THE SUN!

I know, I know…hard to believe, right?

Enjoy it while you can, we can never be sure how long it will last, and this month there is a veritable TON if good things going on around town, so you will be ping-ponging around the city like…..well….like a ping pong ball.  Hopefully the sun sticks around for awhile.

First up! This weekend!

The Strawberry Earth Film Festival is back on 3 & 4 June. I think (I could be wrong here but I think) that this is their 3rd year running this festival, and each year it just gets better. Hosting films that are as eye-opening as they are inspiring, Strawberry Earth hopes to compel people and companies to act and live more sustainably. There are also speakers, as well as an always-kickass afterparty. And this year they are also having a Green Film Making Competition for all of you budding directors out there.

Hotel V is and always has been big fans of Strawberry Earth. You might remember when they threw the Strawberry Earth Hotel Crash here, giving Hotel V the kick we needed to make a few changes in the way of sustainability and eco-conscious hotelling!

Also this weekend is the Rollende Keukens at Westerpark (today through 5 June, extra long this year due to the holiday weekend).

I adore the concept of this festival: if you can make it on wheels, then you can find it here! It’s a great day out wandering from mobile stall to mobile stall tasting the wares. And each stall is just as alluring as the food they offer. Last year I sampled some vegetarian “Green Peace Soup” made from a military tank, as well as coffee and cake from the back of a teensy tiny van that obviously had a thing for Kitsch Kitchen. Cute! Entry is free and it runs all day from 1 pm to 11 pm. This year there is also an in-the-air theater show at night that you will not want to miss!

Throughout the entire month we also have the Holland Festival gracing our theaters for the 64th year in a row.  Do you hear that?  This festival has been around longer than all of you!  (Except you there Oma, thanks for reading!) 

Running from 1 to 26 June, there’s simply not enough word space on this blog to detail everything that the Holland Festival is about, so let me sum it up quickly: music, theater, opera, dance, film, and everything in between.  Around 20 locations.  Start your sprinting…..now!

A little bit later in the month on the 18th of June, and hosted here at Hotel V, we have a living-room concert that I am really looking forward to: Rina Mushonga

Rina is a Dutch-Zimbabwean singer who is being supported by Africa Unsigned.  If you don’t know Africa Unsigned, then now is the time to read up on them on their FAQ page because they are doing amazing things to support and promote what they call the diverse “New African Sound”.  The host of this party at Hotel V is meetSue, a fantastic organization that takes networking to a whole new level.

The Amsterdam Roots Festival is also back in town for the 14th year in a row at the end of this month.

Spread over 5 days (from the 22nd to the 26th) and over 5 locations (from Melkweg to Oosterpark), this is one of the best festivals for getting a taste of that global underground sound. Because you know you were just aching to find a club night playing Afro-Venezuelan music! Problem solved.

A highlight that I will definitely not miss is the Maître Tambours de Burundi. Who needs drugs when you’ve got drums to get you high?

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the OpenAir Theater in Vondelpark kicks off from the 5th of June, the World Press Photo exhibition is still on until the 19th of June, and the several CanalHouse Gardens are open to the public so that you can see what the other half garden like!

Why are you still here reading?  GO!  Go go go!

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