What to do in Amsterdam in September

If you (like me, him, her and everyone) feel that the weather robbed you of any sort of social life during the summer (No picnics?! No BBQ’s?!?!  No terraces?!?!  THE NERVE!), then don’t panic.  September is kicking it up full force with plenty of things to safely take your mind off of The Summer That Never Was.

You may have already visited Open Monument Day, Magneet Festival, Valtifest, the Fringe Festival or the several food fairs that have been popping up around town.  But the fun isn’t stopping there…

Supperclub’s 20th Anniversary Week, 13-18 September: Celebrate with a world-wide institution as they mark 20 years of existence.    In true Supperclub form, each day has a different event or theme.  Pop in on any evening and I’m sure you will have a good time.

Supperclub Sundays:  Speaking of Supperclub…on Sunday evenings they are once again hosting weekly event “Het Bal” from 9 pm.  Starting at 9 pm (5 euro entry), it’s a good way to spend a Sunday with nice music, great hosts, and did someone say “giveaway prize”?!

The Jordaan Festival, 17 & 18 September: For this whole weekend, the Jordaan area is going to burst into a big street party with the Jordaan festival: lots of Dutch music sang by Dutch singers, and Dutch people loving Dutch things.   Doesn’t get any more Dutch than this!  Expect well-loved Dutch ballads and of course a sing-a-long or two.  This is a great time to experience just how small and cozy this little Amsterdam village can be.  Great for the whole family.

achieVers VI, Sunday 18 September: Consider this our one true shameless plug.  Call us biased, but we think achieVers is a great way to spend a Sunday at Hotel V.  This will be our 6th edition.  Working with book publisher Lebowski and record company Top Notch, this is a platform for young or up-and-coming talent in the form of writers, artists, singers and just general swell-people to show off what they are currently working on.  These are definitely people to keep an eye on in the Amsterdam world.  Come and say you saw them when!  4 to 6 pm, entry free.

Sunday Market East Side, Sunday 18 September: For a refreshing change, this monthly Sunday market in the park (usually Westerpark) is heading eastward to Oosterburgereiland.  Expect food, handmade goods, design, art, music and a general relaxed vibe.  12 to 6 pm, free entry.  And while you are there, check out the nearby Roest, Amsterdam’s new hot spot, open since June.  Two birds with one stone!

Discovery Festival, Friday 23 September: Time to pepper your drinking with a little science!  The Discovery Festival at NEMO is your chance to broaden your horizons and stretch those synapses with a series of interesting scientific experiments, some art installations, and of course music, which you can expect to be as experimental as the science projects. 9 pm, tickets 15 euro presale/17 euro at the door.  Wouldn’t your old science teacher be proud?

Amsterdam Bar Week, 19 – 23 September:  The people behind this week-long event know how to spend a night out on the town, and they want to take you with them.  Spread over 27 of the city’s finest venues (cough-cough-including-Hotel-V-cough) the Amsterdam Bar Week will offer a large variety of special events to help promote the city’s bar scene.  Expect everything from boat rides to hangover breakfasts, tastings to workshops.  At Hotel V we’re offering a nostalgic menu of drinks from before cocktails became the craze.  ABW membership holders get discounts at each place and preferential treatment at limited events.

Taste of Amsterdam, 22 – 25 September: A veritable 4-day feast of the tastebuds for food lovers in Amsterdam!  Famous chefs and well-known restaurants will all be plating up and showing off, as well as workshops on cooking, eating and drinking, and of course a food specialty market with products from local sources as well as abroad.  Tickets start at 12.50 euro for standard entry.  This is one mouth-and-belly-party that you won’t want to miss.  (Does that sound too strange?)

Oktoberfest, 30 September & 1 October: And for something a little different, why not bring Germany to Amsterdam with our friend Barça‘s second annual Oktoberfest (held this year at the NDSM werf).  Expect pretty much the same that you would find in Munich: beer, bratwurst, and babes in dirndls…only BETTER because it’s in the Netherlands!  (Ha! Sorry German readers. …No I’m not.)

There, that should keep you all busy.

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