Interview with our stagiare, Zosia

Our newest stagiare, Zosia, has only been with us for a little less than a month, but already we are impressed.  We decided to pick her brain about life in Amsterdam for her so far…

Tell us a little bit about yourself: name, where you are from, how old you are, what you are studying…

Zosia loves the free coffee...and the work as well, I'm sure!

Hi!  My name is Zosia, I’m 24 and I was born and raised in a really cool city in Poland – Poznan. My parents always encouraged me to go and see the world. So at the age of 17 I went for one year to the USA to experience the American Dream during a year of high school. Then at the age of 19 I started studying tourism and leisure at the Academy of Physical Education in Poland. I was always fascinated with different cultures and its influence on countries as well as individuals. During my studies in Poland I decided to participate in the Erasmus exchange. I lived in a beautiful, small, Finnish city called Tornio where I learned how to survive in the wilderness. After finishing my bachelor degree in Poland I decided to continue my studies in Denmark with a master degree in Tourism. Currently I’m following my internship and this is how Amsterdam came into my life!

 Wow, that is quite an international lifestyle you have there!  So what brought you to Amsterdam exactly?

To be honest, it is not only the internship that brought me to Amsterdam. It is the Love of my Life.


My boyfriend is Dutch and he lives in Amsterdam. After 5 years of a long-distance relationship between Amsterdam – Poland, Finland and Denmark, I finally realized that now it is the time to weave our lives a little bit tighter.

Besides that I heard a lot of good stories about Hotel V and I got inspired. Yes! I am very lucky to get a chance to combine those two important pieces of my life.

 And we’re lucky to have you!  How are you finding it so far?  We want to hear the good and the bad!

Amsterdam is an extremely interesting city. I love the multi-nationality everywhere. Different cultures living together, working together and fully respecting each other. Hundreds of different cuisines, scents, tastes, languages, ways of being and behaving. It is a great lesson of tolerance and humbleness.

On the other side everything is pretty busy and crowded which sometimes gives me the feeling of discomfort. There is not too much room for breathing and this is probably what I really miss from home. The nature and peace. Oh! And one more thing – it is damn expensive over here in comparison to Poland.

As a temporary Amsterdammer, you must have a fiets.  Give us a photo of your bike!

Ha! You got it Amanda 😉

Like a true Amsterdammer!

 Beautiful!  Watch out for tourists walking on the bike lane!  So now that you are getting to know the city, tell us what you have discovered.  What’s your favorite place to eat in Amsterdam so far?

Hmm.. there is a really cool and tasty Indonesian restaurant called ‘Sari Citra’, the food tastes amazing and the place is affordable. You can find it on Ferdinand Bolstraat 52! The interior is not very impressive, but wait until you get the food (try ‘tjendol’ – very sweet drink made of coconut milk, green jelly and palm sugar).

I also recommend the ‘Bazar’ restaurant on the Albert Cuypstraat – delicious Northern African food that fill up the little tables and bigger bellies. Since this restaurant was created in an old synagogue it leaves a great impression through the taste as well as the special architecture and atmosphere.

 Thanks!  And how are you finding hotel life so far?

Hotel V is a lovely place with a soul and a very unique atmosphere. It is not only a place to sleep that we offer, but it is also a place where you will experience the friendly and open atmosphere from Amsterdam, good vibrations and positive attitude. I am very impressed with the fact of how busy it always is at our hotel – how many people stay with us and how many of them come back to stay with us again.

The international stuff is maybe the best of all. It gives the place a special character and makes it very inspirational!

 Aaww how sweet of you to say!  We think we’re pretty sweel too!  And finally, what advice would you give travelers coming to Amsterdam?

First of all try to find out what you would really like to do in the city. Don’t just copy people around you. Try to find your own, unique way to discover Amsterdam. Go and see also places that are not often visited by the tourists (residential areas, places situated outside of the center).

I also highly recommend tasting the Dutch specialties: ‘bitterballen’, ‘nieuwe haring’ and Dutch fries with mayonnaise. Hmmm… lekker!

If you are staying in Amsterdam for a couple of days you should really rent a bike – it is a great way to feel like an Amsterdammer and experience the city from a different perspective.

Thanks so much Zosia, and enjoy the rest of your internship!

Our stagiare Zosia

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