The Di-V-ersity of the V-Crew

I asked our V crew to send me some videos that they loved, or that they felt portrayed them so that I could share with the world how diverse our staff is.

We come from all walks of life, all sorts of backgrounds, and apparently all different tastes!  This was never so apparent as in the replies that I got.

Here is what they sent me:


Jochem, student of Media& Culture at Universiteit van Amsterdam, makes fun of Chloe Sevigny:


Franky, our resident martial arts expert, wants you to know he would “Sukiyaki” you if he could:


Tom, owner of Hotel V, shows his heart and his soul, and even sheds a tear (he’s not too macho to admit!):


Agnes, probably the most quiet V crew member, gives us a romantic little melody:


Zosia, stagiare, from Poland, wants us to know she listens to cooler music than you:


Valentina, our Italian stallion(ette), rocks out with some Guns & Roses:


Victoria brings us back some warmth of the Caribbean where she did her internship recently:


Annija, a translator in training, wants you to laugh:


Lauran, our student-by-day/night-porter-by-night, just wants you to dance:


And Amanda, your faithful V Social Media Slave (that’s me!), knows that you have seen this before, but wants you to watch it over and over and over again until your cold heart melts into a dripping sloppy puddle of love:


Now, there you have it.  We are as diverse in youtube as we are in height, weight, skin color, and shoe size.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With love from Amsterdam,

the V crew

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