V Crew Seen About Town: Kim on TV!

Awhile ago I wrote about some of our V crew members seen in advertisements all over town.  Well it has happened again!

So there I was, flipping through the TV channels when a perfectly timed zap happened upon a commercial for the new reality TV show, Next Hair Guru on Net5.

And who did I see, but our very own Kim!  So I made sure to watch, and then I made sure to interrogate Kim about her experience.

*So Kim, how did you get to be a hair model on Next Hair Guru?*

My good friend Saskia is a producer of the show and asked me to be a hair model for the Next Hair Guru.

*That simple!  You just have to know people.  What was it like? *

Very scary in the beginning, they have these big cameras everywhere that zoom in really close. It was a nice experience to see what a working day looks like for my friend. Also to see how things go on the set and to see the final results on television. I got along very well with the other hair models and we had a good day. At the end we got a goody bag with Glamour magazine and some nice hair products from Keune.

*I wish my hairstylist would give me presents after every visit!   They just give me the bill. Who were your hair stylists, and did you like what they did with your hair?*

My first hair stylist was Karin and the first assignment was a tough one! They had to work with a wig and she had never worked with one. She really tried a lot but it didn’t work. I didn’t like it at all, but I felt so bad for her. She was crying, because she didn’t like it either and was worried that she had to leave.

The second hairstylist was Robert and he was awesome! He put in 9 big hair extensions and all that extra hair was very heavy, but you couldn’t even see that it wasn’t my own hair.

*I won’t spoil the show for anyone, but Robert is very dramatic!  Speaking of spoiling the show, were you sworn to secrecy?*

Yes of course, we had to sign a secrecy form. We couldn’t say anything about that day or show any of the pictures we took before the broadcast. If we did we had to pay a lot of money!

It was hard not to show any photos, because I liked my hair the second time they did it! It looked really cool!

 *We agree!  It looks great-  so dramatic and edgy.  Any tips for other aspiring TV hair models?*

Don’t look in the camera and wear something light. It is very warm on the set!

Eat well before you arrive and drink carefully through a straw  (otherwise the make up artists are not happy with you, ruining their art ;-))

*Would you do it again?  Is this the start of a brand new career?*

No, one time was enough! I’m too shy to be in front of cameras the whole day, besides I love Hotel V too much to leave!

*Aawww, good answer!  Thanks Kim!*

Next Hair Guru can be found on Net5 every Tuesday at 21:25, or you can watch episodes on the Net5 website.

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