What to do in December in Amsterdam: Try Something New!

They say that Spring is the season for “new”, but this chilly December is building up to be quite impressive as far as pumping a bit of “new” into the city!

Here’s what you should checkout:

The Pop-Up Wine Bar: To the left and under the Stadsschouwburg, where the Cafe Cox used to reside, is now a temporary pop-up wine bar called- stay with me here- The Pop-Up WineBar.  In a cozy location that I’ve always loved, here you can find a selection of 41 wines ranging from the average price of 3.50 euro to (gulp) 350 euro a glass?  Price aside, you can’t beat the selection and the friendly service that will help you choose a wine that best suits what you are looking for.

G&T’s Really Really Nice Brunch:  Tipped off by a friend, I checked out the opening last weekend of this teensy tiny brunch cafe in the Jordaan, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I don’t even really want to tell you about this one, it’s too good to be true.  I want to keep it wrapped up tight and snug in my pocket so that I can always get a reservation here.   But fair is fair, so here’s the secret: Brunch has finally arrived in Amsterdam!  This tiny weekend-only cafe is run by two Canadian expats  who saw the gap in the market for a proper lazy Sunday brunch and decided to check that shit, yo!  Check it out, and your Sundays will henceforth be just as God intended: served with a Bloody Mary & Eggs Benedict.  No website yet, but the facebook is here.

Bloemenbar:  Did someone say that Amsterdam has a crazy cool nightlife?  Well that someone obviously doesn’t know about the war that is raging to keep bars open later than 1 am.  Dutch people like their sleep, and Dutch people can’t sleep when other Dutch people are partying just outside their window!  So there are actually very few places to party past that crazy early curfew, and because of this, those few places are jam packed to the rafters.  And so it is with arms wide open that Amsterdam will welcome newcomer to the nightlife scene, the Bloemenbar, opening on 10 December.  With a closing time of 5 am on the weekend nights, they intend to make the Bloemenbar one of the best late-night bars in Amsterdam.  Other night bars beware.

The New Label Project: A new concept store on the Rozengracht, The New Label Project, has just opened offering clothing, jewelry, bags and art from independent artists and designers to the masses!  Acting as medium between the artist and the consumer, TNLP hopes to help aspiring labels succeed in the dog-eat-dog fashion world.  With a variety of styles from various artists, there could be something for you there too!

Bierfabriek Roken 75: Not a December addition (opened in October), but there is a new brew-pub in town on the Rokin.  Have you tried it yet?  You can pour your own brews on tap via one their self-service bars and play bartender for a minute!

Well, between all of the Christmas partying that is coming up, I think that’s enough to keep you busy for awhile, no?

Have fun and Happy Decembering!

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