Delicious Evening at BoCinq

This is a guest post from our stagiare Zosia, one of her last projects before she leaves us as stagiare!


On Wednesday, the 23th of November we were invited to taste and enjoy the new Winter Menu at “Bo5” Restaurant. As soon as we entered the restaurant we were enthusiastically welcomed by the restaurant’s crew. The atmosphere of the place  is very impressive from the very beginning: dimmed lights, brick walls, scents of spices in the air, soft music in the background and a live cooking performance!

We were greeted with glass of champagne and taken by Paul (one of the restaurant’s crew member), for a tour around Bo5. This smartly designed area is easy to transform from a big party space with long tables to very romantic and cozy setup ‘just for two of you’.

Bo5 chefs preparing the tasty food: Ciabatta bread with oil and healthy seeds

The menu was very interesting  and daring. We started with a delicious, gently fried tuna, small ciabatta rolls with olive oil and healthy seeds on the side. Afterwards we tested ravioli with mushroom filling  and pate, grilled squid with bulghur and cranberry sauce decorated with rucola leafs. It all looked very professional and the taste was unique due to very specific spices used by the chef. Another dish consisted of fried duck meat, couscous and a delicious sweet-spicy sauce. The last savory dish was fantastic – turbot fish gently baked in an oven! Hmm.. yummy!

We finished up with a lovely desert – panna cotta with blackberry!

It was a great experience and I am sure that guests of hotel v will enjoy the Bo5 restaurant just as much as we did!

 Thank you for this delicious evening!

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