Interview with our stagiare Charlotte

A new year, a new stagiare!  Charlotte has been working at Hotel V during her internship for just over a month, so we thought it was a good time to see how she’s doing.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: name, where you are from, how old you are, what you are studying…


My name is  Charlotte Broek. I am  20 years old and live in the city called Amersfoort. I am studying Hospitality Entrepreneur and Management, Level 4, English Version at ROC ASA Het Klooster in Amersfoort. I’m in my last year now and wrote a business plan.

What made you apply to Hotel V for your internship?

I needed a internship for my study but after a few interviews in other hotels I still wasn’t convinced enough to work for one of those hotels. But then my savior came to help me. His name is Raymond Leenders, and he is working at the BPV Office at my school.  He came up with a card of Hotel V and he said to me: “I think that you will like it there, It is a alternative hotel, and the employers and employees are very kind, that’s what I heard”. So I took a look on the website and the pictures of the hotel gave me a warm feeling, but also a comfortable feeling. This made me decide to make a phone call and before a knew it, I had a meeting with Jan Stuurman.

Well then we have Raymond to thank for recommending us to you!  And Jan for sealing the deal.  (Thanks Ray and Jan!)  And how are you finding it so far at hotel V?  We want to hear the good and the bad!

I find the work till now very nice, everybody is very kind and the most important lesson what I learned is: stay calm, keep your mind clear. Further than that, I can ask anything. What I also like about working in Hotel V is for example: when I make a mistake, I will hear it directly from some one here. And that helps a lot. The workers here are friendly, involved and on the spur of the moment. What I don’t like about my internship is that I just missed a crew party! 

Yes you did, and it was a very fun one!  (You can see the photos here and we even made this video!)  But we’ll have one more before you go.  And finally, what advice would you give travelers coming to Amsterdam?

What kind of advise I should give to travelers who are coming to Amsterdam: LIVE A LITTLE! Go visit the big squares, experience the nightlife as well, eat Dutch food, take a canal cruise and you will see the beautiful city from a different view and also the Flowermarket at the Singel is wonderful!

Thanks very much Charlotte, both for the interview and your hard work!  And one last thing- Charlotte’s birthday was this week (photo above), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY too! 

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