What the V Crew is up to on Queen’s Day

In just under two weeks Amsterdam will be buried by a tsunami of orange- are you ready for it?

Here is the official site for the Koninginnedag festivities in Amsterdam this year.  The closest party to the hotel is the Sounds from the Loft party just two blocks over on the Amstelveld, but you know how it is- the real party is whereever *you* are.  The city is one, large party-on-the-go.

Two years ago I asked the V crew a few days after Queen’s Day what they had gotten up to and to send me photos.  Pretty much all of them flat-out refused, leaving me to wonder how hard the V crew really parties when I’m not looking.  (I think: hard.)

This year, to try something new, I asked the V crew what they were going to be up to on Konninginedag TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE DAY.

So far, I have asked ten people (including myself) and have gotten only two answers: either “I am working” or “I don’t know yet.”

You know, I really love these V-cats, but sometimes they don’t make it easy…


Team WORKING is:

Philip is Working!
Charlotte is Working!
I will be Working!
Kieran is Working!
Kayleigh is Working!
Claire is Working!

And Team I DON’T KNOW YET consists of:

Aphra doesn't know yet (or won't tell)
Soufiane doesn't know yet (but is probably drinking...a lot)
Ismael doesn't know yet (and probably won't remember afterwards)
and the Captain of Team DON'T KNOW YET also doesn't know yet (but will probably be babysitting his daughter)

Well there you have it, who knows where we will be, except for those of us working.

So where ever you end up this Queen’s Day, have a great time!

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