Interesting Guest: Aming Sugandhi

Before I continue, I should preface this blog post by saying that every guest is an interesting guest. That is one of the redeeming factors in a job where the hours are long and the work can sometimes be repetitive (“Trams 4 and 25 bring you to the center.””You can take tram 4 or 25 to Central Station.””Yes, tram 4 will go through the center of town.“) But each guest who comes brings another story with them, and we like getting to know all of these stories that make up the many chapters in the Big Book of Hotel V.

Aming Sugandhi as 'Madame X'

Above is Indonesian actor Aming Sugandhi, in Amsterdam for the premiere of his movie ‘Madame X‘ at the Imagine Fantastic Film Festival.

Here is the movie description from the Imagine Film Festival website.  Doesn’t it just make you love the world?

Being a transvestite in Indonesia has never been easy, but when the homophobe thugs of the ‘National Morality Front’ start roaming the streets, there is an urgent need for… a hero! Or heroine. Or in this case: a bit of both.

Yet Adam, a regular tranny working in a modest hair salon, never thought that he/she would be chosen to become Madame X and take on intolerance, the evil Three Sisters and the mysterious presidential candidate Kanjeng Badai. In Aunty Jantje’s theatre company she learns about her weapons: the Tari Lenggok dance, make-up and a super sense of style!

Madame X is a superhero film like you’ve never seen before. Comedian Aming Sugandhi is famous in Indonesia for the TV-show Extravaganza and has a long history of fighting for the rights of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals. A necessary fight in a country where religious fanaticism is on the rise.

Madame X: fashionista, super actionista!

‘Madame X’ has been making the rounds of the film festivals since its premiere in late 2010, even earning an Honourable Mention at the Tel Aviv Film Festival last year, and looks set to be a surefire cult classic among the LGBT crowds.  If you are interested, there are still two showings of it at the Imagine Film Festival, which runs until April 28th.

We wish the movie and Aming all possible success, and we are so happy that you brought some life and love to Hotel V!

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