Our mirrors headed south

This is a pretty big day around the hotel.

Is it the weather?

No, although that is lovely.

Is it a celebrity guest?

No, although if it was we wouldn’t be blogging about it, for the sake of discretion.

So what is it, you might be wondering.

Well…today we moved all of the mirrors in the bathroom a few inches down.

Yeah, that might not sound exciting to you, but we are more than pleased.

I’ll explain why.  When we built and designed this hotel, I suppose we did so in a very Dutch way, and this resulted in the mirrors in the bathrooms being at…well, at Dutch height.

Which in turn resulted in reviews on Tripadvisor such as:

Mirrors located too high in bath room.”

But it seems that it’s meant for tall people since I had to tiptoe to use bathroom mirror.”

I’m not going to point any fingers here at any particular nationalities that might be shorter than us here in the Netherlands (*cough-cough-SPAIN*) but we listened to what was being said and decided to move all of the mirrors down a few inches.

Here are some before and afters!


BEFORE! Here you only see the top of me.


AFTER: Now you get a couple more inches, for those who might be vertically-challenged.

Let this be a lesson for hoteliers everywhere to remember to think of the little people too!

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