V Crew: Meet Matthew the Actor

Our staff is likely to pop up in some interesting places (billboards and signs for instance, or as a hair model on TV), and that includes our newest V Crew member.  Read on to find out his story…

Our newest barman

Hi Matthew!  Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Matthew Scott Preston. I came to life 25 years ago in Indianapolis, Indiana. I went to College in state at Ball State University. There I spent four years studying music theatre and becoming the performer/person I am today. After receiving my degree, I left for New York City and spent the next few years working both inside and out of the theatre world. In my off time from acting I took other jobs and for the last year of my NYC life, I worked in a really fun hotel.  I found it to be a challenging and gratifying place to spend my time off stage. Another plus of working within the hotel was meeting and working with people of varying backgrounds and personalities.

So you’re a theater actor, and you have previous hotel experience!  Nice one.  And here is where I let everyone know that in fact you have gotten some acting work in the Netherlands already! 

Here is a commercial that Matthew shot recently:


We loved the commercial…You have good screen presence!  And now you can say, “My name is Matthew Preston…you might remember me from such roles as ‘The Dude in The Openlucht Museum Arnhem’“.

So, all joking aside, what brought you to Amsterdam then?

While living in New York I met a Dutch girl.

Of course!

Sparks flew and fireworks boomed. We did a long distance, he visits/she visits kind of thing for a little while, but in the end we decided that the distance was a problem that had a clear resolution: moving myself to Amsterdam.  I sold my things, closed the lease on my apartment, shoved a bunch of things into 3 huge bags, and made my way here.

An adventure for love, how romantic.  I love a good love story.  How are you finding it so far? 

Things here have been very pleasant.  Amsterdam is a magical city (We agree!) and I have really enjoyed everything for the most part.  My favorite thing about life here is the ability to bicycle EVERYWHERE.  I find that to be the single most charming aspect of this place.

OK then, show us your fiets!

Matthew’s Charming Green Whip

Ooooh, you’re right. It’s very charming. And very green.

Any hardships so far?  Moving abroad isn’t the easiest thing… (*cue the solemn music…)

Although I am really appreciative of the chance to live here with the person I care most for, such a drastic change doesn’t come without some hardships.  I think the hardest part for anyone relocating from one country to another is finding your place in relation to your new world…new life really. I found myself knowingly letting go of the foundations I have established throughout my 25 years of life in order to start again from the beginning. It takes time to reinvent yourself, but after you realize the possibilities such voids present you are able to take action and improve upon the things that take away from how exciting it all actually is.  It takes time and perseverance (much like anything I find worth in) but is totally worth it.

Absolutely.  I think the saying is something like, “No pain, no gain”, right?  So, you’re getting to know your new home better.  What’s your favorite place to eat in Amsterdam so far?

My favorite restaurant is the Pacific Parc located near the Westerpark.  For me, the atmosphere drives the experience and that place is great at any hour of the day.

We agree, fun place!  How are you finding hotel life so far? 

As stated earlier, this is not my first time working at a hotel. But much like my previous experience, I really enjoy the job, the people, and the variety of working in this business.  I’ll stay checked in.

Aaaahh, I see what you did there!  Clever, clever!

Well I’m glad you found us, and we hope you will enjoy a long and lovely life in Amsterdam and with Hotel V!

At work behind the bar

One thought on “V Crew: Meet Matthew the Actor

  1. oh this is such a wonderful story, thanks Amanda “hello Matthew-you found the home already! from now on rise!!!”


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