A nudist troll tries to book at Hotel V

This is an actual email we recieved, with attached photo.  Names, faces and um…..members have been hidden by us to protect the not-so-innocent, although I don’t know why we bothered, as he is obviously not shy.

Just when you thought hotel life was boring…




From: P** S**** [mailto:********69@gmail.com]
Date: donderdag 26 juli 2012 18:17
To: undisclosed-recipients


Dear Reservation or Reception ,

Can you please indicate if you have a single or double room for me from:

Arrival: October 08

Departure: October 11

If so please send me your best rate.

Please note that I am a Naturist and like to be naked as often as possible (in my Room).  In order to avoid any surprises I did attach some nude photos of myself which you can print and circulate among your Lady Team to check if they will be OK to deliver me Room Service or perform Room Cleaning while I am naked in my Room ?  They are welcome to visit me together with some of their Female Colleagues if it can make them feel safer.  They will of course will get a nice Tip.

If it can help their decision I will be pleased to send you some more nude photos of myself.

Please call me just P** as I do assume that you have seen my nude pics.

kind regards ,

P** S****

In case you thought we were joking…


We think it is safe to say that this is one of the funnier emails that we have recieved in all of the years of being a hotel. But this is obviously not a serious request, and so the only thing we could do was respond with a meme.

Our only thought at seeing the photo.

How would you have handled this?


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