New in Town: Meatballs

We suppose if there is one rule of thumb when it comes to restaurants, it would be: The more specialized you are, the more special you will be.

With that in mind, please allow us to introduce you to Meatballs.


Meatballs is a small drop-in restaurant, serving (OMG you guessed it, you’re so clever!) meatballs from a variety of meats (chicken meatballs, whaaaat?), as well as meat-less balls for the vegetarians among us (try the pumpkin ball- so yummy!). On top of that they have a selection of starches including potatoes, pasta, polenta and gnocchi, but you can also get your meatballs on tiny little buns to make tiny little meatballs sandwiches. Adorable!


Meatballs officially opens this weekend on the Warmoesstraat 15, so if you’re around Dam Square, you might as well check out these damn meatballs (see what we did there?).


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