This weekend in Amsterdam (Sept 6 & 7, 2014)

It’s Wednesday!  Who is looking forward to the weekend?

*Raises hand.*

Well we are all in luck, because this weekend is chock full of things to do (Amsterdam Fringe fest, anyone?).

In fact, let’s start there.  The Amsterdam Fringe festival will be running in locations all over the city until the 14th of September. 

Not Dutch-speaking?  No problem!  They have a full program where language is not a problem.  You have no excuse to not bask in some fringe culture now.

Looking particularly enticing is the Fabrique Erotique life-sized puppet show at the infamous Casa Rosso.  This is an easy, guilt-free way to tell your parents that you went to a live sex theatre in the Red Light District.  Won’t they be so proud!

“But ma, I did it for the culture!”


For even more unique experiences, check out this list of other things you can do this weekend in Amsterdam:


Valtifest- 7 Deadly Sins

Photo credit:

Valtifest is a heavily themed festival which marks the end of the festival season every year, and is once again raiding the NDSM wharf with this year’s theme: The 7 Deadly Sins.  You have exactly 3 days to think up an ass-kicking costume and join the (over-the-top) fun.

Here are some photos of when the V-crew went in 2011.  I am sure they will just LOVE that I am dragging those photos up again! (Sorry, not sorry!)

Pintar Rapido Weekend

Photo credit from the London Pintar Rapido:

Fancy yourself a painter?  Or perhaps you really are, in fact, a painter? (Sorry: “ar-teeest“.)  

Super, this weekend is for you!  After much success in Spain and London, the Pintar Rapido artist’s event is coming to Amsterdam.  Painters are welcome to sign up, pick a spot in Amsterdam, and make a painting in one day, which will then be exhibited on Sunday in the Posthoornkerk on the Haarlemerstraat.The top award is 1,000 clams, so if you truly are a (starving) artist, then this is the event for you.  

All us other non-painter types can also enjoy walking the streets while the painters are at work (if you can find them) or simply checking out the exhibition on Sunday.

Food Night on Javastraat

Photo credit:

Eat your way through the east of Amsterdam!  Less Godzilla-style, more The Very Hungry Caterpillar-style.

Amsterdam’s up-and-coming East will serve up their yearly ‘Food Night’, a street food market on the Javastraat from 5 to 11 pm. Expect…, obvs.  And lots of it.

Facebook event page

Hungry Birds Street Food Tours

If you have been following Hotel V’s blog long enough, you might remember our super-stagiare-turned-V-Crew-member Zosia.  Zosia has since spread her wings and flown off (sniff) to start a unique tour concept which guides visitors on a culinary wander through the city (by foot or by bike).

Hungry Birds has three different tours running on Saturday, so check them out!

And don’t just take our word for it just because Zosia is a friend of V (that’s straight nepotism!).  Read the reviews on Tripadvisor, where Hungry Birds is rated as the Number 4 thing to do in amsterdam!

Hungry Birds Facebook page

(PS: We knew her when.)



Free Sunday Morning concert on the Museumplein

This weekend will mark the 20th anniversary of the Sunday Morning concerts in the Muziekgebouw, and to celebrate they are offering a free concert to be broadcast live at 10 am on a large screen on the square.  Bring a blanket and a picnic breakfast*, sit back, listen and enjoy!

Facebook event page 

* a breakfast is apparently also offered for this event, but no word as to what pricing or food yet!

CineRoest Jamieson Movie Night

Back over to the East on Sunday for a special movie night at Roest, commemorating the late, great Robin Williams with a screening of Hook at 7 pm.  entry is 5 euro and that also gets you a Jameson & Gingerale.  A hook of a bargain if you ask me!  

(Did you see what we did there?  ….Didn’t really work, though, didi it?  Sorry.)


There you go, kiddos!  There is truly no excuse to stay in this weekend.

Have fun!

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