From Amsterdam with Love on Valentine’s Day

Did you know that Hotel V Nesplein was listed on Tripadvisor as one of the top Most Romantic Hotels in the Netherlands? (Number 12 if you must know.)

So when it comes to romance and love…who you gonna call?

That’s right: us.

Saturday is Valentine’s Day, here’s a shortlist of what you can do or buy in Amsterdam for your loved one this weekend.

Let’s start with the Old Faithfuls…

For the Lingerie Lover:

Hands down one of our favourite spots to make her panties drop (or actually to make her put them on if truth be told) is Agent Provocateur.  Long famed for being tantalyzingly teasing, these tiny underthings are an investment and a half.  But Valentine’s Day only comes once a year…  (There was a really naughty second half to that thought, but for the sake of the children, we will not elaborate.)

Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur

For the Chocoholic in your life:

Chocolate strikes you right in the heart strings.  Sure, it destroys your teeth along the way, but damnit, it’s worth the extra trip to the dentist.  Drop by Pompadour in the Negen Straatjes to pick out a selection of gorgeous bon-bons for your love, and watch him or her melt.

Photo by
Photo by

Cocktails for Him & Her:

We’re not gonna lie…our cocktails at The Lobby are an aphrodisiac.  We see it nearly every night: guy meets girl at The Lobby for a date, they order cocktails, the cocktails lead to conversation, the conversation leads to cuddles on the couch, and next thing you know off they go, hand in hand.  Just call us Cupid!  Not sure what cocktail you want?  The V crew is more than happy to recommend their favourites.

Don't underestimate the power of the Love Couch at The Lobby.
Don’t underestimate the power of the Love Couch at The Lobby.

For your Classical Music Lover:

Nothing says “woe me” like classical music…if you’re into that kind of thing.  If you’re not, skip ahead to the next paragraph.  If you are, then the Valentine’s Day special at the Concertgebouw is the place for you and your sweetheart.  Featuring an array of classic pieces from across Europe, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra will help get you in the mood for love.  Tickets are 49 euro, concert starts at 8:30 pm.

Make aural love to your honey at the Concertgebouw's Valentine's Day show. (Get it? AURAL? HA!)
Make aural love to your honey at the Concertgebouw’s Valentine’s Day show. (Get it? AURAL? HA!)

For the Eager Beaver:

You know what?  Why don’t you just jump right in.  Take the plunge.  Bite the bullet.  Sweep your darling down the aisle and GET MARRIED.  For a day.  After which the marriage is annulled when the sun sets.  In other words, just enough time for the “wedding night” (wink wink) and a great story to tell at parties.

Weeee! We're getting laid tonight! (Photo by Shutterstock, we don't actually know these people.)
Weeee! We’re getting laid tonight! (Photo by Shutterstock, we don’t actually know these people or if they did, in fact, get laid that night.)

For the (Gay) Commitment-Phobe

So you’re looking for love, but not longer than a night?  Well homies (and homos), we have got the party for you.  Rapido is back at Paradiso with their ‘Carnival Edition’ on Sunday 15 February.  Expect hot male bodies, not much clothing, and hedonism to the max.  It would be shocking if you found the love of your life at Rapido, but completely normal if you found the lust of your night.  So go get ’em tigers.

Club Rapido at Paradiso: not for the fully dressed
Club Rapido at Paradiso: not for the fully dressed

So wherever you find yourself this Valentine’s Day, whoever you find yourself with, and in whatever level of commitment you are, have a very, very lovely Valentine’s Day weekend.

From Amsterdam with Love

– the V Crew

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