V Crew: Where are they now? VICTORIA B.

When we take V crew on board, it is because we see something special in them- creativity, a willingness to work hard but also have fun, a uniqueness or edge that will make them stand out from the crowd, and knowledge of Amsterdam to give our guests the very best advice.

Each V crew member brings a different skill set and personality to the team, and it makes for a diverse and awesome group of people to work with.

Such as Victoria.

Victoria started working at the very first hotel V (victorieplein) in 2007 when she was just 18 years old.  Here she is at a V crew party the following year:


Victoria on the right: Young & Adorable

In the hospitality industry, people come and go, and the turnover is notoriously high.  But at V we believe in long-term relationships.  Sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but luckily for us, Victoria stayed with us for 7 whole years while she went to university to become a doctor.

Over those 7 years, as we built 2 more hotels, sold the first hotel, and opened 6 loft apartments and a restaurant, Victoria was working hard (really hard).

In that time, we watched her complete her 4 year bachelor degree, begin her 2.5 year master’s degree, and take 3 different medical internships around the world (twice to Suriname and once to West Africa).

She not only grew into a beautiful and driven young lady right before our eyes, but she also always managed to hold down the front desk like a pro.  She squeezed in shifts on nights and weekend between her study and internships.  We loved her, and the guests loved her.

How she did it still amazes us.


Victoria at a V Crew party in 2010: Trying an Oyster for the First Time (She hated it.)

In late 2014 Victoria finally left the V crew after 7 long and lovely years of working in all 3 hotels.  We were extremely sad to see her go, but the medical world was calling her.  She set off to complete her fourth and final internship in Zambia and a physicians placement in Alkmaar.

Recently, we received this email from her:

“How quickly it has gone since September last year when with pain in my heart I stopped working at V … It seems like only yesterday that I was standing behind the reception desk! Since then I have worked for three months in a hospital in Zambia, my semi-physician placement completed in Alkmaar and then 10 days ago I finally received my medical degree!

Last week I had my first interview and it was all about hotel V : what I’ve learned there and the similarities between guests and patients … On Friday I received the call that I have been accepted (as a pediatric doctors-assistant at Zaans Medical Center in Zaandam, a position that I really wanted) and I realize how much I owe it to all of you.

I want to thank you all very much for the great times, your confidence in me for the past 7 years and all that I have learned (from you and about myself) at V. I think I really grew up there and I can only hope that I will enjoy my future jobs as much (not to mention the staff parties ;-)).”

We can’t believe it!  Our girl is finally a doctor!  From a sweet 18 year old to an amazing young doctor.


Photo by P. Ruisch

Victoria we miss you around here!  A lot!  But we wish you all the best in your career, and just know that you are going to be an amazing doctor!  Your patients will be lucky to have you.  We certainly were. You are always welcome to drop by, and when you get bored of the medical world, you know there’s always a front desk shift waiting for you!  😉


the V crew

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