Hotel V’s Commitment to Sustainability

The Green Key is an eco-label awarded to companies which aims to increase the use of sustainable methods of operations and technology in the tourism and hospitality branch. The Green Key represents the voluntary dedication to act more sustainable than is asked by the government, and Hotel V Frederiksplein is proud to maintain our Golden (top) level Green Key status for 5 years running.

In an effort to reinforce our commitment every year, we strive to reach the following goals:

  • We share our knowledge and experience with other hotels and peers in Amsterdam and the Netherlands in issues of sustainability in the hotel industry.
  • We inform our busi­ness rela­tions and V-guests that we are a socially respon­si­ble and socially-minded company. Suggestions from guests and employees are welcome and actively considered.
  • We are transparent regarding both the quality that we obtain from suppliers and that which we provide to guests.
  • We take social impact seriously and wherever possible contribute to a better community, also actively limiting those actions which could have a negative impact on the social health of our community.
  • We are in this for the long haul, and so all of Hotel V’s business practices and relationships have sustainability as a common factor.
  • We vol­un­tar­ily contribute to social goals by dona­tions, spon­sor­ing and vol­un­tary work.
  • We con­tin­u­ously work on reduc­ing Hotel V’s envi­ron­men­tal impact.
  • We con­tin­u­ously evaluate ways to improve our product offering when services or products from equally environmental or socially-conscious labels become available.

For more information on the Green Key, please see here for English or visit the Dutch site here.




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