Coming Soon: Hotel V & The Lobby Fizeaustraat


Big things coming for Hotel V in 2016…


HOTEL V FIZEAUSTRAAT: OPENING IN 2016 Close to Amstel Station and overlooking the gorgeous Amstel skyline, Hotel V is hard at work on the opening of our newest V establishment. With 4-and-a-half stars, it is an ambitious hotel and restaurant/bar concept that will breathe life into an unexpected corner of Amsterdam. The hotel, with 90 spacious rooms, and The Lobby bar bring authentic luxury with a vintage twist and will obviously be designed first and foremost with top-notch décor, but not so much that it hurts. You’ll come home to an authentic, warm and stylish atmosphere with service that is super friendly, helpful, loving and knowledgable.

In the basement our eVents will sing a song that will be heard around Amsterdam East and beyond. They will be…ahem…controversial if not ground-breaking. It goes without saying that our people are committed to telling a story that will be retold time and time again. We know very well what Amsterdam is about, and what are guests are looking for: the unique and “edge” of our beloved city. Hotel V Fizeaustraat promises to put Amsterdam Oost in the spotlight.

THE LOBBY FIZEAUSTRAAT: OPENING IN 2016 Café-Restaurant-Bar The Lobby is all about craftsmanship straight from the heart. There is room for everyone: neighbors, businessmen, restaurant visitors, and hotel guests.  As long as you pay. A super-long bar adorns the café, where you can come and relax. Throughout the restaurant the smells of the most delicious dishes will waft, all made by hand in our open kitchen. The fish is fresh, the herbs grown on our rooftop greenhouse.  The emphasis will be on the experience- even our chef will be involved by preparing certain dishes at the guests’ table: flambéing, smoking and deglazing.  All cheeky nods to fine dining in  the good old 70’s and 80’s.  The wine list is extensive, and let’s not forge the infamous handwritten ‘Vieze Boekje’(Dirty Booklet). The Lobby kitchen guarantees a spectacular culinary experience with a unique approach: hand-made dishes prepared at the table, all served with our special V-touch.

So…see you at Fizeaustraat this summer!


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