hotel V nesplein- 3 lovely years!

We remember it well….on this day three years ago, after staying up all night putting the finishing touches on the rooms, the reception, The Lobby, the security system, the computer system, and those hundreds of other little small things that suddenly pop up the night before you open a hotel, we finally threw open the doors of hotel V nesplein and The Lobby Nesplein and welcomed our very first guests early in the morning.

Were there “hiccups”?  Absolutely. (There always are.)

Was it amazing?  Absolutely. (It always is.)

Since then it has been 3 years of madness and fun, 3 years of the best hotel guests a hotel could ask for, 3 years of hundreds and hundreds of dinners served at The Lobby Nesplein, and 3 years of staff that feels more like family than work colleagues.

Thank you so much for the first lovely 3 years!  Let’s have many, many more.  And in fact, let’s do this whole ‘opening’ thing all over again in the summer.

from Amsterdam with loVe,

the V crew



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