Win a meal at The Lobby Fizeaustraat (Instagram Contest)

All of this planning and building and prepping and meeting about The Lobby Fizeaustraat, and we need a break!

So let’s do something fun.  Head over to The Lobby’s Instagram, where you will find our Photo of the Week contest.


Tag @thelobby_hotelv in your visits to The Lobby Nesplein from this point forward (for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks), and each Monday we’ll choose a favorite shot to be entered into the contest.

After 12 weeks, when The Lobby Fizeaustraat opens (wwwhhheeeee!), we will pick one winning image out of the 12 photos of the week.

The prize?  A meal for 2 at The Lobby Fizeaustraat when it opens.

That means: two starters, two mains, two desserts, and a bottle of house wine.

(And we can tell you…we’ve seen some of the dishes, and we’ve tasted some of the wines…you won’t be disappointed. 😉

Again, the rules, in short:

  1. Tag @thelobby_hotelv in your photos of visits to The Lobby Nesplein.
  2. Each Monday we will choose a Photo of the Week. (So don’t forget to follow us to see if that’s you!)
  3. At The Lobby Fizeaustraat’s opening this summer, we will choose the winning image from the 12 Photos of the Week

Easy, right?

Good luck, and see you on Instagram!


Curious about The Lobby Fizeaustraat? Follow the behind-the-scenes of the opening at #CreatingTheLobby.


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