What to do in Amsterdam in November

Oh, November.  I have been waiting for you! If you are a word-nerd like me, then we have an exciting month ahead of us!  Not a party month, but a perfect month for huddling in warm venues out of the cold, and listening, speaking, and writing. NaNoWriMo (1-30 November):  This hard-to-say and hard-to-do event hits the […]

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April in Amsterdam

So it’s April in Amsterdam?  What to do? I’ll be damned if I know.  All I want to do is sit in Vondelpark in the sunshine and wait for the return of the Queen’s Day madness. Anywho, if you’re craving some culture, then here are a couple things to sink your teeth into this April […]

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What to do in March

When those in the Northern Hemisphere think of March, they think of the start of springtime, green shoots and flower buds popping up in random places after a long hard winter.  If you’re religious or have a penchant for rabbit-shaped chocolate, you might think of Easter.  If you’re Irish, you might think St Patrick’s Day.  If […]

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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you sexy fine people out there!  At Hotel V, our motto (as you may or may not know) is “from Amsterdam with loVe“.  This is because we love Amsterdam, we love our guests, and we love to love.  That sounds very cliche’d and commercial, and you know what?  We don’t […]

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2010 End of Year Wrap-Up

Well, it’s the last couple of hours to 2010.  We’re munching on oliebollen and listening to the fireworks burst outside on the streets, and doesn’t that always make one both nostalgic and hopeful, weighing recent accomplishments against goals for the future. In the spirit of mulling over achievements (and patting our own backs), here is […]

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Erwin Olaf’s Black Tea Party

This weekend is a very special weekend in Amsterdam.  There is a lot going on- from private parties with big-name guests to open ateliers around town. A very special party that Hotel V is proud to be a supporter of, is the Black Tea Party hosted by the famed Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. This party, […]

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