Hotel V Wildlife

Well it has been a dramatic week at the hotel! First of all, someone fed the dog!: Second of all, we had some feathered drama in the form of a nest of baby birds that hatched in the ventilation shaft of the hotel…right in the wall of a room. At first it wasn’t a problem […]

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A Group of Guys by Any Other Name…

There were a group of 7 Norwegian guys staying at the hotel this weekend.  This morning as they were checking out, I asked one of the guys what the occassion was.  Naturally I assumed that someone was getting married and this was their stag party/bachelor party. “No, no marriage,” he stated. “Every year around this time […]

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April in Amsterdam

So it’s April in Amsterdam?  What to do? I’ll be damned if I know.  All I want to do is sit in Vondelpark in the sunshine and wait for the return of the Queen’s Day madness. Anywho, if you’re craving some culture, then here are a couple things to sink your teeth into this April […]

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2010 End of Year Wrap-Up

Well, it’s the last couple of hours to 2010.  We’re munching on oliebollen and listening to the fireworks burst outside on the streets, and doesn’t that always make one both nostalgic and hopeful, weighing recent accomplishments against goals for the future. In the spirit of mulling over achievements (and patting our own backs), here is […]

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A funny start to the morning

A lady just came up to the front desk, nearly in tears (with pain & laughing) because she had wrapped her her brush so tight around her hair that it was caught and was sticking out from the side of her head. Of all the things I’ve been asked to do at the hotel, unweaving […]

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Book giveaway!

You love Amsterdam. I love Amsterdam. We all love Amsterdam. Hotel V loves to share our love with Amsterdam by making sure our guests get to see the side of Amsterdam that we love- far away from Madam Tussaud’s wax museum or the Bulldog coffeeshops. So we are extremely pleased to annouce that The American […]

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After a long long shift I can finally relax in front of the fire. I’ve been staring with envy at all the guests lounging here all day and now I’m off work and— oop here come a bunch of Germans, gotta go!

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So…I don’t get it….?

Phone call from a Spanish travel agent: Spanish Travel Agent: “Hello, we would like to reserve a room for 2 guests.” Me: “Of course, when would they like to come?” STA: “On the xth of xth, a Large room please, with a canal view.” Me: “OK, we do have room then, but I’m afraid we […]

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Whomp there it is!

Here at Hotel V, we don’t just follow the trend, we MAKE the trend. Last night, in response to the volcanic ash from Iceland that disrupted THE WORLD’S FLIGHTS, we put out some Twitter announcements that we were giving away free rooms to passengers stranded by the ash cloud. See: And just look what we […]

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