V on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! Here’s what the V crew is up to on V-Day: Justina: “I live with one girl and three boys, so in the morning the other girl and I are making a really nice breakfast for ‘our guys’.  Then I have to work, and afterwork I am heading to […]

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Delicious Evening at BoCinq

This is a guest post from our stagiare Zosia, one of her last projects before she leaves us as stagiare! *** On Wednesday, the 23th of November we were invited to taste and enjoy the new Winter Menu at “Bo5” Restaurant. As soon as we entered the restaurant we were enthusiastically welcomed by the restaurant’s […]

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The Di-V-ersity of the V-Crew

I asked our V crew to send me some videos that they loved, or that they felt portrayed them so that I could share with the world how diverse our staff is. We come from all walks of life, all sorts of backgrounds, and apparently all different tastes!  This was never so apparent as in […]

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What to do in Amsterdam in November

Oh, November.  I have been waiting for you! If you are a word-nerd like me, then we have an exciting month ahead of us!  Not a party month, but a perfect month for huddling in warm venues out of the cold, and listening, speaking, and writing. NaNoWriMo (1-30 November):  This hard-to-say and hard-to-do event hits the […]

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