Happy Birthday to us!

Today is a special day indeed at Hotel V Frederiksplein:  Today is our 5th anniversary! Five years of guests at Frederiksplein, five years of staff members (some still here, some not), five years of eVents, and five years of loving this part of the city. We are super grateful to all of the guests that […]

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Our mirrors headed south

This is a pretty big day around the hotel. Is it the weather? No, although that is lovely. Is it a celebrity guest? No, although if it was we wouldn’t be blogging about it, for the sake of discretion. So what is it, you might be wondering. Well…today we moved all of the mirrors in […]

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Bye Bye Birdies!

It’s a typical family story: You give all your love and attention to your little ones, and then one day they up and fly out of the nest, never to come back. No thank you, no “see you later”. What’s a parent to do except for hope for the best for the little ones, and […]

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